The Chuckberry

The Chuckberry

Controlling music with a seemingly analogue shelf, in an intuitive and playful manner.

Don’t you miss the days when you manually picked a CD or a vinyl album to play, or a mixtape you carefully put together, rather than having The Algorithm play a ‘mood’ for you? The physical act of putting a cartridge into a playback device, it had something magical. The simple push of a button. No fumbling for a password, no interruption from a Windows update, no keyboard, no loading times. But, unfortunately, all your music is in the cloud nowadays. That wretched cloud, taking the fun out of music, with its stupid infinite storage. Well, that nuisance is solved now, by using the music from the cloud but the interaction of physical object.

Blinking lights and fresh music whenever you put something on the smart shelf.

Enter: the ChuckBerry!

A Raspberry Pi hooked up to an NFC sensor, and made it so you can chuck an NFC tag onto it to play music. This device is meant to take all the mouse clicking out of the picture. Place a tag, or an object with a tag stuck to it, on the shelf, and on the music goes. Pick it up and the music stops.

A shelf, LED lights, and a welcome message, stuck to a frame.

How does it work?

For a full explanation and some technical details and schematics, visit the Medium post and the source code on GitHub.